"Production is not the application of tools to meterials ,but logic to work"
-Peter Drucker


It's not about having the right opertunities.It's about handling the opertunities right.
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Business Owners operate their own companies and handle responsibilities such as creating business plans,
arranging financing, hiring staff, reviewing sales, developing marketing strategies, overseeing daily activities,
and identifying business opportunities.

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Managers play an important role in the overall success of a company. They are responsible for leading a team of employees to meet goals and achieve performance metrics. A business manager is an umbrella term for various management positions responsible for overseeing elements of day-to-day operations at a company or business. The specific role of a business manager varies according to the industry or business type in which they work; however, most business manager job descriptions entail overseeing employee productivity, using leadership skills like problem-solving and decision-making, and assisting a company in achieving its financial goals.

Milan groups brings you the world's best paper plate and Paper Cups. All our paper plate and peper Cups are Eco-friendly, Handcrafted, Acid free paper products.

We are known for manufacturing high quality paper products at reasonable pricing.

All our products are made by expert hands without compromising on the quality.

This paper plate's looks beautiful and attractive with different types of designs and doesn’t cause harm to the environment due to its eco-friendly nature.

Here you can find some of our latest works, Donec porttitora entum suscipit aenean rhoncus posuere odio in tincidunt. to see the details of these works just click the thumbnails below.

Here you can find some of our latest works, Donec porttitora entum suscipit aenean rhoncus posuere odio in tincidunt. to see the details of these works just click the thumbnails below.

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The biodegradable polymers could be an alternative to the conventional plastic materials. The term biodegradable means that a substance is able to be broken down into simpler substances by the activities of living organisms, and therefore is unlikely to persist in the environment. There are many different standards used to measure biodegradability, with each country having its own. The requirements range from 90 per cent to 60 per cent decomposition of the product within 60 to 180 days of being placed in a standard composting environment. The reason traditional plastics are not biodegradable is because their long polymer molecules are too large and too tightly bonded together to be broken apart and assimilated by decomposer organisms. However, plastics based on natural plant polymers derived from wheat or corn starch have molecules that are readily attacked and broken down by microbes. Biodegradable plastics are mainly derived from corn, wheat and potato starch. Biodegradable plastics products are thermoplastic materials which are processed with the same machines traditionally used to process conventional plastics Biodegradable plastic products physical and chemical properties are similar to those of traditional plastics, but it is completely biodegradable in different environments, just like pure cellulose. Biodegradable Plastic products are generally a degradable plastic in which the degradation results from the action of naturally-occurring micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi, and algae. A biodegradable plastic product is made from normal polymer; the same used in making plastic products but at the same time it also contains newly invented biodegradable plastic additives. Biodegradable additives when mixed with compatible plastic raw material LLDPE/LDPE, PP, HDPE, etc. will cause the plastic to photo, thermal and chemically degrade as litter in anaerobic and aerobic facilities. These plastics will progressively degrade to lower and lower molecular weights As a result of which they become brittle, fragmented until appoint in time they are digested by the microorganisms back to the basic elements of carbon dioxide, water and the biomass. Hotels & Hospitals are places where maximum waste is generated. This is where biodegradable plastic can play a major role in serving all its purpose and at the same time is not hazardous or harmful to nature

  • Eco-Friendly

    Disposable paper cups are easily decomposed by microorganisms .Hence they create lesser pollution issues and can be easily buried as compost or can be easily burned causing less pollution compared to disposable plastic cups.

  • Wide variety available

    Another reason of its growing popularity is that customers can wide variety of options in the market to choose from. These cups are available in various appealing prints, designs, size, shapes and colors so that one can choose as per their requirements and need.


    Needless to mention, that these paper cups are extremely safe and hygienic to use. These cups are used for one-time purpose and thus prevent infections. Earlier, these are known as health cups as they were introduced to promote public hygiene. They are disposable and thus decrease the chances of catching infections. Manufactured by using paper cup making machine, these are ideal for consuming all kinds of beverages, be it hot or cold.


    Another advantage of using paper cups is that they are light in weight. It can be carried around with much ease and comfort.

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    Great teamwork is the only way we create the breakthroughs that define our careers.
    - Pat Riley
    No individual can win a game by himself. - Pele

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